Augspurger Monitors provide Signature Sound of Wiz Khalifa’s new private studio, ahead of album project

Boston, MA: Augspurger has installed its iconic Solo12-Sub212 monitors in the private studio of multi-platinum-selling, GRAMMY® and Golden Globe® Award-nominated recording artist Wiz Khalifa, based in Los Angeles. The newly updated studio is currently the principal recording space for Khalifa’s new LP, which due for official release in Spring 2022.

The private studio, located in the backyard of the award-winning rapper’s Los Angeles home, was also used to record Khalifa’s latest mixtape ‘Wiz Got Wings’, and has welcomed various Taylor Gang artists including Ty Dolla $ign, Chevy Woods, Young Deji, Fedd the God, and Sledgren.

Khalifa personally requested that Dave Malekpour, President of Pro Audio Design Inc and Augspurger, redesigned the studio to maximise its full potential after an initial meeting at I.D. Labs, in Pittsburgh, eight years previously.

“We had installed Augspurger Solo15-Sub18’s for hip-producer, E-Dan and that’s where I first met Wiz, who was recording some tracks. We later met again at Snoop Dogg’s Beach City studio in LA and fell in love with the sound of Snoop’s Augspurger Quattro 4X15’s,” Malekpour recalls.

“He knew he wanted his own system one day, so when the time came, it was great to be able to work with him on the new studio.”

Pro Audio Design Inc. with David Anthony (PAD’s West Coast sales director) specified the entire studio space including the Jocavi acoustic treatments and Slate Raven Core Dual Station studio desk, and with the inclusion of powerful Augspurger monitoring, the room now delivers superior playback sound for producers and artists in the studio.

Photograph: Braden Walker

“When I first moved into my current property, I converted my backyard pool house into a small recording studio. I’ve now expanded the room’s size and upgraded to higher quality equipment,” comments Khalifa.

“I’m extremely happy with how the studio looks aesthetically, as well as how the Augspurger system sounds. Malekpour tuned and EQ’d the speakers in the room to mine and my engineer’s specs so the bass bumps and everything is perfectly balanced.”Dave Malekpour said: “I’m thrilled to have worked on this project to deliver best-in-class sound for a global artist such as Wiz. It was a pleasure to supply and tune these impressive Augspurger monitors to his exact specifications and to give Wiz the best possible playback for his upcoming projects.”

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About Pro Audio Design

Pro Audio Design designs, equips and installs recording studios across the globe. For over 30 years, the team’s highly respected experts in studio design have integrated a complete, all-encompassing system—one that’s uniquely constructed to suit every studio, musical genre, and environment.

About Augspurger

For over 20 years, Augspurger® has set the industry standard in studio monitoring thanks to their incredible sonic precision and powerful punch. From smooth, detailed highs to throbbing sub bass (down to 20Hz and below), Augspurger’s unparalleled performance means they are regarded as the ultimate studio monitor.


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